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vs. Bellarmine 2-26-16
Skyview Lady Storm Win 2016 GSHL 4A Title
Columbian Video of 2015 River Game
Skyview Lady Storm vs. Bellarmine Prep
Skyview WIns 2012 State Championship
Brett Johnson hired as Skyview girls basketball coach
Author: Tim Martinez of the Columbian
Former Prairie coach Brett Johnson has been hired as the girls basketball coach at Skyview, the school announced this week. “I was away from it for a year and I realized I loved coaching,” Johnson said. Johnson takes over for Jennifer Buscher, who
Lady Storm Players Earn End of Season Honors
Author: Jimrat
Player of the year: Ashlee Comastro, sr., Skyview FIRST TEAM Courtney Clemmer, jr., Camas Riley Friauf, sr., Skyview Teague Schroeder, sr., Camas Haley Hanson, so., Camas Hanna Van Nortwick, sr., Skyview SECOND TEAM Courtney Cranston, jr., Un
Buscher Steps Down as Skyview Girls Basketball Coach
Author: Paul Valencia
Jennifer Buscher said she needed some time after the girls basketball season to address her team, to tell the players about her future plans. “It was very emotional. You develop relationships with the kids. It’s tough,” Buscher said. Buscher, who l
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Mr. Brooks is now a member of Skyview Lady Storm
Mr. Brooks is now a member of Skyview Lady Storm
Brett Johnson is now a member of Skyview Lady Storm
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Jim Rat 2/6/2014

"Go Lady Storm....On to District Championship Game"

Jim Rat 7/18/2013

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